An extensive survey of literature available in the form of books, journals, periodicals, reports, documentaries, newspapers, handbooks etc. related to community radio would be the first step towards understanding this new and alternative media. For the practical understanding of the working of CRS we have already been working in DUCR. For further grounding in this domain field visits would be organised to the CRSs located within the vicinity of Delhi NCR. A questionnaire would be developed and interviews conducted within the University of Delhi to bring out the views of people regarding DUCR.

Data would be collected from different sources. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting provides detailed data regarding the CRS in India. Handbooks of different CRS and the UNESCO would provide data for comparison purposes. Reports and articles are also an important source of data regarding various aspects of CRS. Apart from these secondary sources primary data would be collected through field surveys.

Fig. 1
Overview of Research Methodology


Field Visit
To get the practical insight of the working of CRS field visits would be organised to various community radio stations in Delhi and NCR area. Parameters such as the working of CRS, tools and techniques, media environment, legal complications, participation of different sections of community, programming contents, schedule, financial stability and training aspects would be focussed on for a better understanding of the problems faced by community radio.

Survey: Questionnaire and Interview method
Questionnaire and Interview method would be applied for primary data collection. Questionnaire will be a structured one with both open and closed ended questions. Further, oral narratives would be recorded wherever necessary.

Data collection would be followed by analysis using suitable statistical methods though Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). MS Excel would be used to create graphs and charts. If required, GIS would be used to map the location of currently functional as well as non-functional CRS. Based on the results a module would be prepared for a successful CRS.




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